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Venetiana and sustainability

At Venetiana we believe in sustainability, which is built with respect for the environment and daily commitment to work, so we can offer our passengers an authentic value that enriches the city and those who visit it.
We set out to create a tourist service that is not just a means of transport, but an all-round experience of Venice and its lagoon, capable of inspiring visitors to interact with the local fabric. A project in harmony with Venice and the surrounding area.

This is why our coat of arms represents a seabird, whose wings display six feathers, like the six districts of our city.

This is why we have created an app that offers geo-localized audio guides on the ground -written mainly by Venetians- that offer an original Venice, outside the box and off the beaten paths.

This is also why we have imagined and designed an innovative boat. In addition to being a comfortable and elegant vessel, its new patented hull reduces wave motion, which undermines the stability of the city’s foundations.

Come and experience Venice with us.