Consult our FAQs, you will find all the answers to your questions and curiosities about Venetiana

How long does the Venetiana ticket last?

The ticket is valid 24h or 48h from the time you take the first boat.

Are dogs allowed on board the Venetiana boats?

Yes, there is no weight or size limit. It is recommended that you bring a muzzle with you if there are other dogs on board.

What can I visit at each stop?

With our audioguides at each stop you can discover famous and secret places in total freedom. See all itineraries included in you ticket here

The glass-blowing demonstration in Murano is free? Where is it?

Yes, the glass-blowing demonstration is included in your ticket. The ELLEGI MURANO GLASS is a furnace just in front of our stop and will show you this ancient art

I purchased ticket but I didn't receive any confirmation mail. What should I do?

Send an email to info@venetiana.it and we'll send you you ticket

How can I find boat stops?

Online or from downloaded audioguides, you can see meeting points in each one. Select the stop you need and the App will guide you

The App works only with online Internet connection?

To download the Pop Guide App and the audioguides you'll need Internet connection. Afterwards you can consult the audioguides offline, just the GPS signal will be active.

How can I download your audioguides?

1. Purchase our ticket
2. Download POP Guide App
3. Scan the QR code or enter the 
ID and Password provided on your 
4. access and download all audioguides ou want

I cannot find boats timetables

You can consult timetables on Lines & Tickets

Can I use both water lines with just one ticket?

Yes, you can freely use our line to hop on hop off whenever you want. Number of trips is unlimited within ticket duration (24 / 48 h)

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Boat timetables

From 22/06/2024 to 03/11/2024

Hop on Hop off / city cruises

All our experiences are included in the ticket!

Hop on Hop off / city cruises

All our experiences are included in the ticket!

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